Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Photo: Students practice interviewing each other on the Waterbury Green.

We asked the students how they felt about the dress code. They unleased on the subject, and then wrote in their journals.

"Talking with my peers and my instructors helped me realize that I am not alone and that there are people that want to listen. A light bulb lit up in my head. The school system has some serious issues! Whether it’s dress code, racism, teacher attitudes; something needs to be done. We need to include this information in our newspaper. We need to inform the public of the unfairness. We might not be able to change the system ourselves, but I truly believe that if we print our stories, people will read them. And this paper will reach someone of a high status who will be inspired to help us, the youth! We deserve to be treated as equals. The teachers should not have special privileges. Equality needs to be found."

"After talking about all of the crazy rules and what everyone went through, I felt that I could relate to what everyone was talking about. I might have not got in trouble as much as everyone else in here, but I have friends that have been in the same situations. I see the same problems at my school. Many schools have dress code, disrespect students and don’t treat students right. In my opinion it’s because there are so many rules that they don’t pay attention to the bigger issue. Students go to school to learn and teachers are supposed to help them. However, instead of doing their job, they are more worried about having everyone look the same, following the rules and being in control of the students. They should care more about making sure the students are getting done what needs to be done."

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