Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Photo: Waterbury Police Officer talks to the students about being a young female cop on the beat, and offered positive encouragement to the students to follow their dreams.

Today participants went straight for the Waterbury Green. They started their morning being introduced to people by John Murray, and immediately jumped into interviewing. Their afternoon featured a guest speaker from the Waterbury Police Department, and the day ended with brainstorming names for their youth newspaper. It was an intense day. This is what they wrote...

"Today was very interesting day. We got to interview “different” people on the Waterbury Green. I’ll be honest, if John wouldn’t have been there, I would’ve been scared to go up to those people. It was extremely hot outside today. The interview with Quajay’s cousin, a police officer, was very moving. I never heard a cop speak about their work so openly. Making up names for our paper was hilarious. I can’t wait to get started. I am beginning to feel the pressure and excitement."

"After interviewing people on the Green, I don’t feel nervous at all. It was pretty fun. Today we also interviewed a police officer. It was nice hearing the things she goes through from her point of view. Many people talk about police and how they hate them. After hearing what it’s like for her changed what I always thought. It was nice to hear what she had to say. Today was fun except for the heat. Now I am interested in writing the stories and actually getting started on the paper. However, we still need a name for our paper. We started writing ideas and some were just crazy. I wonder what our paper will be like once it’s finished. I told my mother about it and she is really interested. She even wants a copy of the paper."

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