Saturday, November 17, 2007


Publisher & Editor Note
Welcome to number three. We are very excited about this issue, and the content contained within the next 17 pages. Within this issue we have a story about a youth speaking out for her First Amendment rights, a teenage mother talking about life and teens calling for a youth summit. We also have a story about a young lady that is trying to raise money to spend three weeks working in Vietnam, and we’re revisiting the alternative dress code. I guess you can say we’re living up to what it says on the front cover “Young Voices Shall Be Heard.” We are giving youth a voice to express themselves, and a vehicle for their voices to be heard.

Last issue we offered our pages to the 18,000 plus students currently enrolled in Waterbury’s public schools and to the thousands of students who attend Naugatuck Valley Community College, Post and UConn-Waterbury. We re-issue that invitation, and open our publishing door to anyone who is interested in speaking out. While the core of our publication revolves around high school issues, our editorial content isn’t limited to just that. If you’re a young person that wants to write or you know a young person that wants to write, our pages are opened.

We are taking a publishing break during the holiday season. Our next issue will hit the streets mid January, in the meantime please enjoy number three. Please check our blog out, as we will have information available here during the break.

Wishing you the best throughout the holiday season.

Until soon,
Quajay & Chelsea

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