Tuesday, July 31, 2007


From a free write session

Why Love
“Why must we love and never be loved back? Why do some women fall for the strangest boys? Why must we love if we’re gonna feel bad about it? Why must we love if we’re gonna regret it? For what? What’s the purpose? Why love if you feel it’s not real? Why love if you can’t get an appeal? Why love?!?! Why? Because it might just be real.”

Work as a second home
"I miss my job. You’re allowed to have an opinion there without it being shot down or stifled by parental outlooks. I’m aggravated right now. My hair glue is taking forever to come out. Right now it feels like I’m on Alcatraz punishment. Hopefully my knight in shinning armor will come rescue me and take me driving, out to eat and to see a movie. I wouldn’t mind. That’s cool, but I really need my hair done. I need it washed, blow dried and cut. I’m going short hopefully, if I don’t punk out. Maybe like Rihanna but less extreme (sigh). Ultra bored and tired. It’s nap time."

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