Tuesday, July 24, 2007

On the Move

Young Voices is due out early August, giving the staff approximately 10 days to seek out sponsors, complete stories and layout their first newspaper. With the production deadline looming, everyone is really excited, and the energy in the office has increased a great deal over the last few days. Here's what's going on in the busy newsroom of Young Voices.

Young Voices Publisher Quajay answers questions during mock press conference.

Several students work at the "big table" on various stories that will be included in the first issue.

Harley and Carlos work on inputting interviews into the computer.

Debra works hard on inputting material into the computer, as assistant director and editor Chelsea talks with editor-in-chief Julievette about details of her story.

Samantha goes over the details of her story on the alarming drop out rate in Waterbury.

Josh, Debra and assistant director and editor Chelsea sit in the press pool during First Lady Laura Bush's visit to Driggs School in Waterbury.

Josh, Chelsea and Debra after the First Lady's visit at Driggs

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