Tuesday, July 17, 2007


PHOTO: The staff of Young Voices talk with John Murray, publisher of the Waterbury Observer and Quajay Donnell, publisher of Young Voices about their dress code story

After receiving a morning briefing in story groups, the staff of Young Voices hit the streets to begin research for their stories. Some reporters headed to the mall, the YMCA, the Library, downtown Waterbury and the Department of Education. After their first day out and about, they wrote the following...

"Finally we started getting to work on this paper. I went with a group to the mall to interview some kids about the dress code. However, there weren’t many kids there. Then we went to the YMCA to interview some people. Luckily we didn’t have any problems there. I had so much fun today. I had fun going out and interviewing but also because of the people in my group. It was nice to actually do some work outside of the office. I really like working on these topics."

"Today I finally felt like a journalist. I was able to go to City Hall to the Board of Education to get the dress code policy. I had to gather information there and at the library to put into the article for our paper. What I felt like I struggled with was remaining neutral because I don’t agree with the dress code."

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