Monday, July 16, 2007


PHOTO: The staff of Young Voices read a recent edition of The Waterbury Observer, which featured a story about the program.

After a weekend break, the staff of Young Voices were back in action early Monday morning. They spent most of the day brainstorming story ideas for the first issue due out early August. This is what they wrote in their journal about the day...

"Going into my third week of work is very exciting for me. I really enjoy working here because I feel like I’m learning so much. The people are very opinionated and always have something to talk about. Although I keep a lot of my thoughts and opinions to myself I think I can contribute a lot to making this paper work. Now that we came up with the name “Young Voices” for our newspaper we can finally work at making it worth reading. Since our name is established we can get motivated and work hard at it. We came up with a lot of good ideas to put in our newspaper."

"Well, we are working on starting the newspaper Young Voices and it’s great we’re about to interview people. We’re going to talk to a lot of people we don’t know, and it’s a new thing for me but I love the ideas we have come up with as a group. I bet this is going to be the best paper in Waterbury once we’re done with it. Much love to Young Voices!"

"Just talking about what we are going to be writing about has me very excited. I can’t wait to actually start interviewing people and getting opinions from others to write. I like the name “Young Voices” because that is exactly what we are. With this name we aren’t targeting any special group or people nor excluding any one person. I believe getting our opinion on issues that are being addressed right now can help in many ways, such as with the causes of absences or dress code violations. If they heard our opinions and our voices, then many of the problems could possibly be solved without making the condition worse or bringing up new problems."

"Today we started planning what we are going to write about. I’m writing about the absence policy and the dress code in school. There are just so many things you can write about schools. I think that our paper will do really well, at least I hope so. I would read it if I saw it somewhere. The name Young Voices just sounds catchy to me. I even told my friends and they are really interested in it. So far everyone I told wants a copy of it. I believe this paper will do well because once adults read what we have to say maybe they will start to talk to us about the issues concerning teens. So far I think it’s going to be a great newspaper."

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