Sunday, July 15, 2007


After two weeks of research at various times and going through several names and stages, we were still without a definitive name. We went from "Underground Media" to "Media in Motion Newspaper". But nothing really jumped out, or stuck for that matter.

We found ourselves in a midst of a brainstorming session, and research at the library and time to sleep on it. Finally we made a decision. We asked several questions, and looked at the real objective of the publication and compared it to the mission statement of Media in Motion. Key words that came up in that discussion - EMPOWERMENT. VOICES. SPEAKING OUT.

We poised the following questions ... What voices go unheard? What voices are screaming out? What voices are absent from the conversation about youth as it relates to any major issues in Waterbury? What voices will become empowered by this project? What voices will be on center stage, and be able to speak out?

Young Voices.

So, we named the publication "Young Voices". These are young voices that shall be heard. These youth aren't sitting back, they are taking an active stand and will shine a light into the issues and provide their peers with a voice. The debut issue will hit the streets in early August.

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