Tuesday, August 14, 2007


The paper was sent off to the printer Sunday evening. We took Monday off to rest, and today we did a little giving back and spent a part of our day at a camp with kids 3-13 years old. Here’s some pictures from our day.

“Today we had the privilege of passing on our talents to younger kids at a camp. They each received a piece of construction paper and they had to draw a picture, write a story, and give their “newspaper” a name. Reading some of their stories was heartbreaking, but it was great that they all had a story to tell.

It feels good to know that we put a smile on their faces today. The communication skills that we have learned really helped us today. There was a small girl taking pictures of Chelsea as I was writing this. She was frowning until she pressed the shutter, and then her face transformed into a humongous smile.

This is how we know that we’ve made a difference.”

-Julievette, Editor-in-Chief

One of the kids was so excited to meet our group of journalists that he wrote a story about us inside of his “newspaper”.

“Journalists Visit Camp…

“Journalists visited our camp and have all the children there write stories. I enjoy writing stories. I might be a journalist when I get older. Plus as soon as the journalists came my day got better.”

Seems like we have a future journalist on our hands, and he may be a part of Young Voices one day.

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